Today Western Cape High Court has ordered the Threewaterkloof Municipality to stop impounding rural people’s livestock and refrain from proceeding with the pound sale (planned for today at the Caledon Pound - 7 August).

Rural people living within Threewaterkloof Municipality in the Western Cape do not have access to land to graze their livestock. The Municipality has been impounding and selling stray livestock illegally. Rural people have had to pay R500 per impounded animal per day to retrieve their livestock from the pound.

The High Court imposed a moratorium on Municipal impounding and ordered the Municipality to return all impounded livestock and bring their bylaws in line with a Constitutional Court ruling that made selling of impounded animals illegal without a court order.

Rural people rely on livestock for their livelihoods and need access to land for their livelihoods. They are demanding that municipal commonage is made available with water and fences - so livestock can graze freely without straying. People who have been unfairly charged should get their money back form the municipality and that the Municipal Officials should know the law.

Legal Resource Centre (LRC), the Trust for Community Outreach & Education (TCOE), and the Mawubuye Land Rights Forum supported livestock farmers  from Riversonderend in Threewaterkloof Municipality from in taking the matter to the High Court. >


Marco Fischer, Riversonderend, 079 087 5515
Hansie Arense, Genardendal, 0764676575
Boyce Tom, Trust for Community Outreach & Education, 073 460 6276, 021 685 3033

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