We are not only the guardian of life, love and land we bear the seeds of reproduction!
One of ways in which the voices of rural women (small farmers, fishers and producers) will be heard at COP17 is through the Rural Women’s Assembly. This event is organised every second year by the People’s Dialogue which is a partnership of peasant, farmers, farm workers, fishers and producers movements, rural women’s groups, feminists, indigenous people’s movements and NGOs from Latin America and Southern Africa.

It is envisaged that the Rural Women’s Assembly will bring together over 500 rural women from the 30 November to the 5 December in a space where women can meet to formulate their demands for climate justice and a systems’ change. Women will participate in a number of other events as well  some include- in the day of Action on the 3rd December, the  Million Climate jobs , Via Campesina day of action on the 5th December and also strengthen the visibility and presence of popular movements from Southern Africa and Latin America at COP17.
The campaign and the march to Durban will start on October 17, which is International Rural Women’s Day. In recent months we have organised a number of workshops, meetings and discussions to mobilise rural women around alternatives to the present model of commercial fisheries and agriculture!