South Africa, 16 April 2015. The Trust for Community Outreach and Education (TCOE) condemns – in the strongest possible terms – the spate of xenophobic attacks in South Africa and calls for peace to be restored immediately.

In Umlazi, Durban, Khulumani has been making us aware of the atrocities faced by foreign nationals and are extremely concerned about attacks when it is dark, or when load shedding occurs. It is at these times that attacks intensify in “a city where those responsible for providing protection are not willing to offer these services to foreign nationals after dark”, said Khulumani in a statement. Foreign nationals are therefore left to protect their own families.
Five people have been killed in these attacks since last week when violence erupted in Isipingo outside of Durban. This week many foreign owned shops in Johannesburg have closed out of fear that attacks will spread.

“The shame that South Africa endured in the 2008 xenophobic attacks has reared its ugly head in 2015 with an ever increasing attack on foreign nationals. The level of unemployment, poverty, increased cost of living, cheap foreign labour and various other factors are all possible causes of the conflict but no matter what the grievances, violence is unacceptable whether it be on fellow African brother from the continent or even on South Africans themselves”, said Gift of the Givers who have been supplying foreign nationals affected by the violence with food, blankets, sanitary pads, disposable nappies, hygiene packs and a many other supplies.

They have also called on “all South Africans to support our initiative to show that we are a nation that cares, we also call on government, community and religious leaders to sit down and finally resolve this untenable state of circumstances permanently.”

It is reported that more than 5000 people in Durban city alone have been left homeless while a football field in Chatsworth has been converted into a refugee camp.
We call on the rural poor to join the campaign to stop the violence against our African brothers and sisters. We call on the farm workers, small scale farmers etc. to get organised and stop the violence and Say NO to violence!

For more information contact:
Boyce Tom: +27 21 685 3033

Issued by the Trust for Community Outreach and Education
Address: 36 Durban Road, Mowbray, Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 685 3033

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