Mawubuye Land Rights Movement


Area of operation: 14 towns in the Langeberg and Overberg municipal districts
Members: 1800
Launched in: 2007

Founded in 2007, the Mawubuye Land Rights Movement operates as a vehicle for the mobilisation of small scale farmers and women’s groups in the Overberg and Breede River areas of the Western Cape. The movement’s motto, “We speak for ourselves”, perfectly encapsulates its aim of raising the voice and expressing the views of the rural poor as they endeavour to gain access to land, water and municipal services to ensure food sovereignty and sustainable livelihoods. Mawubuye’s vision is to rebuild the dignity and a sense of hope as part of the process to build a rural movement that can pressurise local and national government to develop agrarian policies that favour the interests of the rural poor.

Mawubuye has 1800 members and operates across 14 towns. It supports more than 1000 household gardens and six nurseries, many of which are working on the establishment of seed banks. The movement promotes agro ecology and food sovereignty and encourages learning through study groups to deepen understanding on these and related issues.

Supported by the TCOE national office, Mawubuye works closely with CSAAWU, a small independent union that focuses on organising farm workers. This has been a mutually beneficial relationship which has led to a significant increase in the ability of both formations to serve the needs of this vulnerable sector of the rural poor.

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