The Commercial Stevedore and Allied Workers Union (CSAAWU)

CSAAWU was formed in 2006 mainly to address the appalling
working and living conditions faced by farm workers in South Africa.
The initative to build the union was conceptualised by activists who
had experience of living in the rural areas with parents who were
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CALUSA and Siyazakha Land and Development Forum

Operating in the former Transkei, CALUSA’s shift to land related issues was sparked by a research study that highlighted the need for land in Xhalanga and its neighbouring districts.

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Itireleng and Mopani Farmers Association

Itireleng has worked with and supported small scale farmers in the rural villages of the Mopani and Sekukune Districts of the Limpopo Province since 1995. The NGO started off slowly, first organising small scale farmers to form village, and later, district level farmer associations. This sustained work culminated in the launch of the Mopani Farmers Association (MFA) in 2007. 

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Khanyisa Educational and Development Project and Makukhanye Rural Movement


The Khanyisa Educational and Development Project was established in 1990 and operates in the rural areas surrounding Port Elizabeth. The NGO believes strongly in the importance of the building and strengthening of a Rural People’s Organisation with an informed leadership that is committed to an agrarian reform agenda. Accordingly, Khanyisa provides stock and crop farmers, as well as small producer groups with organizational support and leadership development in order to enhance their capacity to satisfy their need for land access and land use support. This work led to the formation of the Makukhanye Rural Movement in 2010.

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Masifunde and the Rural Peoples Movement


The efforts of Masifunde resulted in the launch of the Rural Peoples Movement (RPM) in 2007. The RPM is a popular movement that focuses on empowering the rural poor to enable them to take up their issues and concerns.

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Masifundise and Coastal Links SA


Masifundise is the only affiliate of the TCOE Collective that focuses on organising impoverished coastal communities and fisherfolk. Over the past 15 years the NGO has steadfastly supported and defended the food sovereignty and livelihood rights of traditional fishers. In the process it has developed significant research capacity and is noted for the media work it does to profile the struggles, concerns and aspirations of fisherfolk in South Africa and beyond. 

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Zingisa Education Project and iLizwi LamaFama


Established in 1979, Zingisa Education Project is an NGO with a wealth of experience built over many years. Operating first out of King Williams Town and more recently from Berlin, the NGO has a strong focus on agro-ecology and food gardens. For more than a decade, Zingisa has worked with farmer groups, initially at village level and later facilitating the establishment of zonal farmer associations.

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Mawubuye Land Rights Movement


Founded in 2007, the Mawubuye Land Rights Movement operates as a vehicle for the mobilisation of small scale farmers and women’s groups in the Overberg and Breede River areas of the Western Cape. The movement’s motto, “We speak for ourselves”, perfectly encapsulates its aim of raising the voice and expressing the views of the rural poor as they endeavour to gain access to land, water and municipal services to ensure food sovereignty and sustainable livelihoods. 

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