Obituary – Comrade Seele Lebohang Patrick

He was the first born of three children of mme Masechaba Mohapi and was born on the 19/08/1991. He started school at Lerole Intermidiate school and moved on to Raohang and wrotes his matric at Reamohetse Articon School in Botshabelo doing arts subjects. He was born and bred in Botshabelo Section E in Mangaung Metro.

He joined Botshabelo Unemployed Movement (BUM) and his work in BUM was an organizer as all of us are, and a news collector for Inyanda news letter, under TCOE. Lebohang writes articles for Inyanda on a quarterly basis on the current situations {struggles} of the poor working class in the current conjuncture.

Botshabelo Unemployed Movement is a social movement which deals with the issues of the unemployed and in particularly the youth. Lebohang joined this movement not for stomach politics as most of unconsciousness youth will do joining political parties for enrichment, but he joined the social movement for the true emancipation of the working class, and the poor.

He was part of PAP in the FS for research issues on farm workers and the poor working class in general. The cde was an activist who struggled with mobilization of the farm workers and migrant workers working with cdes Motsi and Potso under the TCOE/CSAAWU contract. The Comrade was also implementing the reading circles with cde Sello for both Inyanda and AIDC, encouraging cdes and the community members in the tradition of reading AND EMPLEMENTING reading circles. What a loss indeed for both BUM and Inyanda.

He was hit by a hit and run car on the 25/17/2017 and passed on the 27/12/2017. The driver was later arrested after seven days because of the pressure done by both members of BUM and Inyanda. The case is still in the hands of our justice system. The cde was young and died without any employment, there was a lot expected from him by his family and his organization.

Let his spirit rest in peace

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